We support conscious, responsible and local projects to become more visible, efficient, organised and profitable

What do you need?


A web space in an ethical and responsible service provider that treats me as a person and not as a number. I have a hard time with IT and I appreciate that they make things easy for me

More exposure

I have a project with a vision of my own which I need to bring to other people who have a common problem and/or interests.

guiding my project

Times have changed and I need to (re)define who I am, what I do and where I want to go. I have skills that I want to contribute to my environment and to society.

more organization

I have the feeling that I don't get to everything, that I miss things, that my life is chaos! It is evident because communication and management with other people is erratic.


I need to acquire new resources and knowledge in order to empower and self-manage myself at different levels (technological, administrative and organisational) and to have my sensitivities and needs taken into account.

legal-administrative consultancy

I am embarking on a project and I have a number of administrative and legal questions that I need to resolve. I am looking for a team of experts close to social, grassroots and pro-social environments who can advise and support me.

Look how cool we are!

Look, here we will be posting one of these “cool” videos where we will explain what the hell we do, who we are and blah, blah, blah, blah…Be patient, we’ll post it here when it’s ready.

What can we offer you?

Discover the resources we can offer you to give wings to your project

Technological tools

We offer you a set of ready to use tools. Forget about complicated Service configuration panels and programming, contact people directly to create your website with wordpress, get an email account and/or private cloud space (intranet). We have full control of the infrastructure, we do not depend on third parties or large service providers.

Technological support

We share the tools and methodologies we use to allow you to develop in an agile and efficient way through the different programmes and services we offer. We are at your side to accompany you in the ICT world and improve your organisation and internal and external communication.

redefine yourselves

Starting from your personal story and that of your project, we want to help you find out where you are, where you want to go and what you can contribute. Are you looking for a professional, ethical and social alternative? Do you want to give wings to your project?

Legal and administrative support

We have a wide and vast experience in consumer awareness, responsible and proximity projects, which allows us to understand your needs and offer you solutions adapted to your reality, both at an organisational, administrative and legal level.

corporate image

We help you define a fresh, elegant and trendy image to show yourself to the world through copywriting and proofreading, translation, poster design, website design and other graphic and visual resources.

conflict resolution

Thanks to facilitation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration, we offer you a series of tools to resolve those conflicts that cause your project to stagnate and not move forward.


We give you tools to be in contact with other responsible, local and consumer awared projects with common interests and needs in order to generate synergies and collaborations.

Project directory

We offer you a directory space where you can make your project known alongside others who are part of the La Mar de Bits family.

About us

From our experience in the technological, social, human and life areas, the project takes shape through the hands and the good work of each of the people who work on it, both the administrators and the users themselves, and that is why some of the things that define us are:


The core of our project is to behave consistently and sincerely with oneself and with the things we do. We act in accordance with the values of truth and justice.


With the Internet, distances have become greater, but you can still find us close to your home, at lectures, workshops and fairs.

One-to-one attention

In this project you will talk directly to specialists in the field you are interested in. You will be listened to, your problem will be analysed, and you will be given an adapted solution.


We are among those who think that knowledge has to be free and that is why we are prone to use free software, which we can use freely, study it, modify it and contribute improvements to the community.


We are among those who think that knowledge has to be free and that is why we are prone to use free software, which we can use freely, study it, modify it and contribute improvements to the community.


We understand how important your project is for your social, professional and human development (it is and has been for us). That is why we are an efficient support and back-up tool.

What do they say about us?

After months of repeated incidents with another provider, I switched from to la mar de bits. In addition to being economical, it is efficient; as an administrator, you learn to manage the site quickly and intuitively. As a user, it is easy to access. Problems are solved in record time by going to the root of them.
LaMardeBits tools were important for the project, their pads have made it very easy to take collaborative notes and then import them into the platform..

They have always been attentive to any incident.
I have been using email for more than 10 years. I feel safe with their transparent and easy to use management. Moreover, in case of any incident, I can contact directly with the team that manages it.
Since cuidembenimaclet we decided to use "la mar de bits" because we are committed to self-managed servers, proximity and quality. We have been using the services of "la mar de bits" for 3 years now and we have not had any technical problems, where the team of "la mar de bits" has always offered us very close and fast support, with very competitive prices for the services they offer us, servers updated to the latest versions and with the security that our collective needs. In conclusion, we are very happy to use the platform "la mar de bits".

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